Present simple i continuous | going to - czynności przyszłe – test 2, exercise 1

Complete the sentences with the verbs in brackets.


Take an umbrella. It . (rain)

Attention, please! The next race at 9.30. (start)

I to the cinema tonight. I already have a ticket. (go)

Why are you leaving? Are you finished? - No, I am not. But I a rest. (have)

He can give it to her. He her in the afternoon. (go to see)

The flight number BA 308 at 11.15. (leave)

Betty is going to driving lessons. And then she a car. (buy)

I can't eat anything today. I an appointment at the hospital tomorrow. (have)

Fasten your seatbelts, please. The plane in five minutes. (land)

Nasz typ: Są tutaj czasy teraźniejsze wyrażające przyszłość i going to. Spróbuj więcej: czasy przyszłe - ćwiczenia online. Budowa i zastosowanie czasów angielskich do wydruku są w pdf za darmo na stronie Gramatyka angielska.


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