Present simple i present continuous – test 2, exercise 2

Make statements or questions.

Example:(live/here/I) I live here.


(make/lunch/she/now) .

(my car/I/on Saturdays/wash) .

(travel/London/every week/they) ?

(I/at Oxford/study/this summer) .

(eat/at Christmas/fish/we) .

(you/what/do/tonight) ?

(where/your brother/work) ?

(want/who/this book) ?

(we/next week/move) .

(at the moment/Jim and Susan/watch TV) .

(teach/she/in New York/these days) .

(land/the ship/at 10) .

Czas present simple i present continuous ćwiczenia online za darmo. Zastosowanie i budowa do wydruku w PDF na stronie Czasy angielskie.


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