Present simple i present continuous – test 1, exercise 2

Answer these questions.

Example:Does Steve work at night? - No, he does not work at night.


Are your best friends sitting next to you? - No, they next to me.

Does your father get up at nine every day? - No, he at nine every day.

Are you drinking hot water right now? - No, I hot water right now.

Are your parents going on holiday at 2 o'clock? - No, they on holiday at 2 o'clock.

Does your neighbour's grandpa love you? - No, he me.

Do your friends play cricket on Fridays? - No, they cricket on Fridays.

Does your mother come from Brixham? - No, she from Brixham.

Is your brother painting you? - No, he me.

Am I writing this test with you? - No, you this test with me.

Do all people in your country speak English? - No, they English.

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