Present perfect simple i continuous – test 1, exercise 5

Use the verbs in brackets in present perfect simple or continuous.


We can go home. We (mend) three cars today.

We (mend) cars since 1 o'clock and we aren't finished.

Fortunately, I (find) my credit card. Here it is.

I (look for) my keys since we came home. Where are they?!

She (make) puddings all day.

How many puddings she ?

What you ? (do) You are so dirty!

Why are you crying? - I (watch) a film.

Joy (send) you a letter. Look!

I (clean) windows since lunch time. It's so exhausting.

I can see that you (clean) the windows in the hall and in the kitchen.

You (work) in the garden so long. You shoud take a rest now.

How many years he (have) this car?

Present perfect ćwiczenia: simple i continuous. Samodzielna nauka języka angielskiego jest online za darmo. Są tutaj czasy angielskie, czasowniki modalne i nieregularne, struktury gramatyczne, ich budowa i zastosowanie, testy i ćwiczenia. Gramatyka angielska po prostu dla wszystkich.


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