Past simple i past continuous – test 2, exercise 3

Make the policeman's questions. Use the words in brackets.


Policeman: ? (what/do/yesterday at 8.15)
James: I was driving to work.

Policeman: ? (what time/meet/the dog)
James: I saw him at about 8.30.

Policeman: when you saw the dog? (drive/fast)
James: No, I wasn't.

Policeman: ? (what/the dog/do)
James: He ran away.

Policeman: ? (how/find/the two girls)
James: I followed the dog, when he came back.

Policeman: ? (see/anyone else)
James: No, I didn't.

Policeman: ? (call/an ambulance)
James: No, I didn't. I drove the girls to the hospital.

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