Past simple i past continuous – test 2, exercise 1

Complete the sentences with the verbs in brackets.


Every day James Lullaby travels to London. Yesterday he (drive) his car, when he (see) a dog in the middle of the road.

The dog (watch) the car.

James (stop) and (get) out of his car.

As he (get) out, the dog (run) away.

James (go) back to his car.

While he (get) in the car, the dog (appear) again

and (sit) down in the middle of the road.

James (start) the engine, but the dog (not move).

James (jump) out of the car and (shout) at the dog.

The dog (bark) at him and (start) to run.

James (follow) the dog.

Suddenly, he (see) two girls lying on the grass. They (bleed).

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