Past simple i past continuous – test 1, exercise 2

Make a question and a negative answer.

Example:We heard a car outside the house.
Did you hear a car outside the house? - We did not hear a car outside the house.


She lost her purse.
her purse? - She her purse.

I rode slowly.
slowly? - I slowly.

He was making noise at midnight.
noise at midnight? - He noise at midnight.

They came early.
early? - They early.

They were sitting at the table.
at the table? - They at the table.

He ran away.
away? - He away.

The sun set at 7.45.
at 7.45? - The sun at 7.45.

It was getting dark at 7.
dark at 7? - It dark at 7.

I was talking to Tim the other day.
to Tim the other day? - I to Tim the other day.

They were working from 5 to 6.
from 5 to 6? - They from 5 to 6.

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