Czas past perfect simple i continuous – test 3, exercise 3

Complete the sentences and keep the same meaning.


First she graduated and then she started to travel. - After she , she to travel.

Sue was happy after dancing with Peter all night. - Sue happy because she with Peter all night.

There were no sandwiches left when James got up. - By the time James , there no sandwiches left.

She sold her house and moved to Brixham. - Before she to Brixham, she her house.

He learnt German at school and he did not need a transtator. - He a translator because he German at school.

I had a cup of coffee after working on it since the morning. - I on it since the morning when I a cup of coffee.

Noel lived in France. He spoke perfect French. - Noel perfect French after he in France.

After talking to him for an hour or so she felt desperate. - She desperate because she to him for an hour or so.

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