Czas past perfect simple i continuous – test 2, exercise 3

Complete the sentences and keep the same meaning.


After finishing his drink he got up. - After he his drink he up.

His driving too fast caused an accident. - He had an accident as he too fast.

Everyone sat down. The show started. - The show when everyone .

He was relaxing all day. He felt better in the evening. - He better in the evening because he all day.

It was 5°C during the day. The snow disappeared in the evening. - The snow in the evening because it 5°C during the day.

After switching on the radio she heard the news. - After she on the radio she the news.

The ship sailed for two days. It just landed in Nice. - The ship just in Nice after it for two days.

He moved furniture. He started at 9 o'clock and finished at 3 o'clock. - At 3 o'clock he furniture for 6 hours.

Ben made a mistake. He apologized. - Ben apologized because he a mistake.

I read the book. I did not want to read it again. - I to read the book again because I it.

After swimming all day they were hungry. - They hungry because they all day.

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