Czasowniki modalne can, may, must – test 3, exercise 1

Rewrite the sentences and use the verbs can, may or must.

Example:Is that all right if I borrow your pen? - Can I borrow your pen?


Don't park your car on bends. It is illegal. - You park your car on bends.

Perhaps she will agree with it. Who knows? - She agree with it.

I want you to tidy the classroom. - You tidy the classroom.

I need your help. It's too much work for me. - You help me.

Look at that baloon. It's over there. - you see the balloon?

Don't worry about dinner. I'll make it. - You worry about dinner.

It is not necessary to be there. - We be there.

Why don't you stay with us? No problem! - You stay with us.

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