Future perfect simple i continuous – test 2, exercise 2

Match the following sentences.

Example:1 We will have done it
2 We will have been doing it
a until lunch.
b before lunch.
Correct: 1b 2a


1 We will have rehearsed the play
2 We will have been rehearsing the play
a for two months in September.
b by September.

1 I will have found enough mushrooms
2 I will have been looking for mushrooms
a for a couple of hours before lunch.
b before you start cooking.

1 By Friday they will have dug up
2 Until Friday they will have been digging up
a the roads in King Street and George Street.
b the roads in our town.

1 When he retires
2 If he finishes his last film
a he will have been making films for 30 years.
b he will have made 30 films.

1 In two weeks' time
2 On 30 June
a I will have given up smoking.
b I will have been trying to give up smoking for two months.

1 By the end of this season he will have played
2 By the end of this season he will have been playing
a for 10 months in this team.
b 50 games in this team.

1 She will have eaten her dinner
2 She will have been eating her dinner
a for an hour at 7 o'clock.
b by 7 o'clock.

1 I'll have sent him an e-mail
2 I'll have been sending him e-mails for a couple of days
a before I leave the office.
b today.

Future perfect ćwiczenia - samodzielna nauka języka angielskiego za darmo. Są tutaj czasy angielskie, czasowniki modalne i nieregularne, struktury gramatyczne, ich budowa i zastosowanie, testy i ćwiczenia. Gramatyka angielska po prostu dla wszystkich.


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