Must - have to

Modální slovesa must - have to: cvičení 2

Doplňte věty. Užijte modální sloveso must nebo have to.


The bus goes at 10.15. Mary leave at 10 if she wants to catch it.

The British Library: Coats and bags be left at the coakroom or in a locker.

Jim can't see very well. He wear glasses.

You see the film. It's fantastic.

Johny, you be nice to your mum.

Oh, no. It's Monday tomorrow. I go to school again.

English children stay at school till they are 16.

OK. You can go to the party, but you be back before midnight.

A flight attendant: 'All mobile phones be switched off during the takeoff.'

The metro station is closed. I get a taxi.

My dad is seriously ill. He go to hospital.

I see the Wimbledon finals every year. I just love it.


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