Can - can't

Can - can't: cvičení 1 (doplňte věty)

Doplňte věty. Užijte modální sloveso can nebo cannot (can't) a slova v závorkách.

Příklad:I ___ this bag. It's too heavy. (carry)
I can't carry this bag. It's too heavy.


This car expensive. It's ten years old. (be)

I am afraid I you now. (help)

I the piano. But I can't play the guitar. (play)

Sarah out. She's ill. (go)

I something in the air. (smell)

Jack there. It's dangerous. (stay)

Excuse me! French? (you | speak)

I her now. She is over there. (see)

No problem. You us. (join)

She is so similar to Sharon. She her sister. (be)

I'll try to speak loudly. me now? (you | hear)

Poor grandpa. He anymore. (walk)

Betty sweets. She is on a diet. (eat)


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