Definující + nedefinující vztažné věty

Vztažné věty - cvičení 1 (definující a nedefinující)

Doplňte zájmena who, which a that. Vyberte správnou variantu pro vztažné věty definující a nedefinující (určující a neurčující).


My neighbour, is 70 now, is a nice person.

We used my car, was more comfortable.

When my dad was driving to work, he hit a horse was crossing the road.

His work, is quite boring, is important to him.

Her sister Jane, is three years younger, is a bright student.

Sam, we saw at the dance, is going to start a new company.

My new television, I bought last month, is out of order.

We listened to an old woman told us her life story

He sent the book to his Irish pen-friend, really liked it.

I enjoy spending time with girls and songs I like.


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