Vztažné věty (that, whose)

Vztažné věty - cvičení 3 (that, whose)

Doplňte chybějící část vztažné věty. Užijte zájmeno 'that' nebo 'whose'.

Příklad:I met some people. Their houses were badly damaged.
I met some people ___ badly damaged.
I met some people whose houses were badly damaged.


I admired the stuntman. His part was so dangerous.
I admired the stuntman so dangerous.

We ate the cake. It was on the cupboard.
We ate the cake on the cupboard.

She found the bag. It belonged to her.
She found the bag to her.

Can you see the car? Its door is scratched.
Can you see the car ?

You are the partner. I want to work with you.
You are the partner to work with.

I couldn't help the students. Their tests were a failure.
I couldn't help the students a failure.

This is the guy. I got it from him.
This is the guy it from.

I liked the house. Its roof was made of red tiles.
I liked the house of red tiles.

I can't respect politicians. Their only ambition is to be in power.
I can't respect politicians to be in power.

This is the man. We bought the ring from him.
This is the man the ring from.

We can't afford new cars. Their price is too high.
We can't afford new cars too high.

Where is the article? We read it.
Where is the article ?

The film is about a king. His brother kills him.
The film is about a king him.


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