Trpný rod - test

Angličtina: trpný rod - cvičení 1

Doplňte slovesa v závorkách.

Příklad:Ten houses .............. here last year. (build) - Ten houses were built here last year.


Letters by the postman at 8 every day. (deliver)

This bag in the bus yesterday. (find)

The dress in hot water. (cannot wash)

your motorbike yet? (repair)

The message tomorrow. (send)

These offices now. (clean)

This report in time if you didn't help me. (not finish)

Why the TV ? (turn on)

This building since the 1930's. (not reconstruct)

Bags in the cloakroom. (must leave)

The engine just when the manager saw it. (test)

The last umbrellas in the morning. (sell)

You to arrive so late if you worked for me. (not allow)

The plan in two days. (announce)

All the halls at the moment. (paint)

What were we doing at 11 o'clock? We . (interview)

After the window pane someone smashed the window again. (replace)


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