Trpný rod - minulý čas průběhový

Trpný rod - cvičení 2 (minulý čas průběhový)

Doplňte věty slovesy v závorkách. Užijte trpný rod v minulém čase průběhovém.

Příklad:We couldn't drive to Queen Street because a new road ___ there. (make)
We couldn't drive to Queen Street because a new road was being made there.


Why were you so late?
We couldn't cross the bridge because it . (reconstruct)

The walls when I was there. (just build)

The roofs by carpenters when they caught fire. (repair)

Why was Julie crying when I saw her last time?
Because a romance on TV. (show)

When I arrived at the stadium our team by the Spanish team. (beat)

We couldn't watch TV because a new carpet in the living room. (lay)

How much were the tickets?
At the beginning of the match they for only fifty dollars each. (sell)

The prison staff found out during the inspection that too many things in prison. (keep)

The problem at the parent - teacher meeting yesterday. (discuss)

As it was a hot day my clothes in the sun in the backyard. (dry)


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