Trpný rod - přítomný čas

Trpný rod - cvičení 1 (přítomný čas)

Doplňte do vět trpný rod. Užijte přítomný čas prostý.

Příklad:The most common internet activities ___ in this exercise. (describe)
The most common internet activities are described in this exercise.


Most common internet activities

E-mails and received by most internet users. (send)

Information about goods and services . (find)

Goods and services in e-shops. (buy)

Online newspapers and magazines , mostly by adult users. (read)

The internet for social networking, especially by young people. (use)

Telephone and video calls . (make)

Videos and films . (watch)

Listening and music streaming activities . (carry out)

Hotel accommodation by travellers. (search for)

Financial transactions through internet . (do)


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