Rozkazovací způsob v 1. a 3. osobě

Rozkazovací způsob - cvičení 2 (Let me, Let's not)

Doplňte dialogy. Užijte rozkazovací způsob první a třetí osoby (let us, let them...).

Příklad:A: John, you can't travel alone.
B: Mum, please, ___ it. (do)
B: Mum, please, let me do it. (do)


A: When do you think we should start?
B: it right now. (do)

A: Where shall Susan meet you?
B: for me in the arrivals hall. (wait)

A: Oh, no! I left my driving licence at home.
B: Call your brother. it to you. (bring)

A: I'm sorry, I didn't listen to you.
B: All right. it once more. (repeat)

A: the rock. (not climb)
B: Oh, come on. We should try it at least.

A: We can't copy the document. The copier doesn't work.
B: a photo of it then. (take)

A: Wait a minute, please. I'm washing the dishes.
B: And where's Tim? (wash up)

A: Have you ever seen this picture?
B: No, I haven't. a look. (have)

A: What did you say about my parents, Miss?
B: to school. I want to talk with them. (come)

A: Can Sheila write faster than Mary?
B: Definitely. the emails. (type)


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