Předmět přímý a nepřímý v AJ

AJ: předmět přímý a nepřímý - cvičení 3 (zájmena)

Doplňte do vět předmět přímý a nepřímý. Užijte zájmena v závorkách. Je-li to nutné, doplňte předložku.


Did you send Mary the postcard?
Yes, I sent . (her | it)

Go to bed, Sam!
Mum, I can't sleep. Will you read ? (me)

You should offer them your car.
But I've already offered . (them | it)

You can bring Sarah some sandwiches.
What time shall I bring ? (them | her)

Has Rosy seen these photos?
Yes, I've already shown . (her)

Please, give me your telephone number.
Sorry. I can't give . (you | it).

Will you write him an email?
I think I should write as soon as possible. (him)

Have you heard the story?
No, I haven't. Please, tell . (me)

Did you give her the parcel?
No, she wasn't at home. But I'll give tomorrow. (her | it)

Could you send it to Vince, please?
I can't send . He is at school. (him | it)


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