Podmiňovací způsob

Angličtina: Podmiňovací způsob – test 1, cvičení 1

Doplňte slovesa v závorkách a užijte podmiňovací způsob.


you (deliver) this parcel? Please, do it right now.

I (ask) him. But there was no chance.

They (can stay) longer. Why did they leave so early?

If I were you, I (not put) the sweater on. It's not so cold.

She (might go) away. I can't see her anywhere.

You (should arrive) on time. They are not going to wait for you.

Why (you not eat) it? Look. Everyone likes it.

I (not watch) TV all day long. But there was nothing to do there.

We (not sell) the car if we hadn't needed the money.

Speak to Mr. Hill. He (might be) in his office.

We (should say) good-bye to them before we leave.

She (ought to apologize) then. It was her fault.


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