Podmiňovací způsob

Podmiňovací způsob přítomný a minulý - cvičení 1

Doplňte následující věty. Vyberte podmiňovací způsob přítomný nebo minulý.


I don't know what to do now. What ?

How did Joe learn about it? Margaret him.

this parcel? Please, do it right now.

I him. But there was no chance.

They longer. Why did they leave so early?

If I were you, I the sweater on. It's not so cold.

She away. I can't see her anywhere.

You on time. They are not going to wait for you.

Why it? Please, try it. Everyone likes it.

I TV all day long. But there was nothing to do there.

We the car if we hadn't needed the money.

Speak to Mr. Hill. He in his office.

We good-bye to them before we leave.

Sarah when she didn't come. It was her fault.


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