Angličtina - podmínkové věty

Podmínkové věty - cvičení 3 (dialogy)

Odpovězte na otázky. Užijte slova v závorkách.


What would you do if you had more free time? (travel)
If I more free time, I a lot.

Where would you spend your holiday provided that a sponsor paid for it? (in Provence)
Provided that a sponsor for my holiday, I .

If you had not started this grammar course, what would you have done to improve your English? (go to Britain)
If I this course, I to improve my English.

Where will you go at the weekend, if you aren't too busy? (go to see my friend)
If I too busy next weekend, I .

If you found a stranger in your bedroom, how would you react? (scream)
If I a stranger in my bedroom, I .

If you finish this test in fifteen minutes, what will you do? (have a drink)
If I it soon, I .

If you had not decided to study English, what language would you have chosen instead? (French)
If I to study English, I instead.


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