Podmínkové věty - typ 1

Podmínkové věty - cvičení 2 (typ 1)

Doplňte podmínkové věty (první kondicionál). Vyberte správnou odpověď.


1. kondicionál

I'll call her if I her telephone number.

What will we do if Mrs. Hopkins to the meeting tomorrow morning?

Please, don't criticize him you have a good reason.

I to the party tomorrow if they don't invite me.

We won't buy the car unless we it.

Give it to him if you him, will you?

Even if I drive fast, we there on time, I'm afraid.

He'll join us on Monday as long as he a day off.

You will get the job on condition that you hard.

Provided that the runway free, the plane will take off on time.

You should take your umbrella in case it .

If Marion the exercise, I can explain it to her.


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