Podmínkové věty v angličtině

Podmínkové věty - cvičení 1 (typ 0 + 1)

Doplňte podmínkové věty. Užijte nultý nebo první kondicionál.

Příklad:I stay in bed if I ___ ill. (be)
I stay in bed if I am ill.
What will you do if you ___ the match? (not win)
What will you do if you don't win the match?


Nultý a první kondicionál

I hope you won't be late. But what provided you are late? (you | do)

If you at home, you can usually collect your parcel at the post-office. (not be)

If you oversleep, you the train. (miss)

Unless she careful, she will fall off the bike. (be)

I will tell her if she tomorrow. (come)

Even if I lend you some money, it enough. (not be)

In case you delete an email, it in your trash for 30 days. (usually stay)

If you shout at her, she you sooner or later. (leave)

us to the airport if we need it? (your dad | drive)

Do you think Joyce will pass the exam if she her best? (do)

My son any breakfast if he oversleeps. (never have)

Betty won't talk to you unless you nice to her. (be)


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