Nepřímá řeč

Angličtina: Nepřímá řeč – test 2, cvičení 1

Reprodukujte rozhovor.

Příklad:Mike: "What are you doing here, Liz? I haven't seen you since June."
Liz: "I've just come back from my holiday in Ireland."
Mike: "Did you enjoy it?"
Liz: "I love Ireland. And the Irish people were so friendly."
Mike: "Did you go to the Wicklow Mountains?"
Liz: "It was my first trip. I can show you some pictures. Are you doing anything tomorrow?"
Mike: "I must arrange a couple of things. But I am free tonight."
Liz: "You might come to my place. What time shall we meet?"
Mike: "I'll be there at eight. Is it all right?"


Mike asked Liz . And he said .

Liz explained that .

Mike wondered .

Liz told him that and that .

Mike wanted to know .

Liz said that and that she .

And then she asked him if .

Mike explained that .

But he added that .

Liz suggested that and asked him .

Mike said .

And then he asked .


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