Nepřímá řeč - dialog

Nepřímá řeč - cvičení 3 (převeďte dialog)

Převeďte následující dialog do nepřímé řeči.


Mike: "What are you doing here, Liz? I haven't seen you since June."
Liz: "I've just come back from my holiday in Ireland."
Mike: "Did you enjoy it?"
Liz: "I love Ireland. And the Irish people were so friendly."
Mike: "Did you go to the Wicklow Mountains?"
Liz: "It was my first trip. I can show you some pictures. Are you doing anything tomorrow?"
Mike: "I must arrange a couple of things. But I am free tonight."
Liz: "You might come to my place. What time shall we meet?"
Mike: "I'll be there at eight. Is it all right?"

Nyní převeďte rozhovor do nepřímé řeči:

Mike asked Liz what . And he said since June.

Liz explained that back from her holiday in Ireland.

Mike wondered if it.

Liz told him that Ireland and that the Irish people so friendly.

Mike wanted to know whether to the Wicklow Mountains.

Liz said that it her first trip and that she some pictures.

And then she asked him if something the next day.

Mike explained that a couple of things.

But he added that free at night.

Liz suggested that to her place and asked him what time .

Mike said there at eight.

And then he asked if it all right.


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