Nepřímá řeč v angličtině

Nepřímá řeč - cvičení 1

Nepřímá řeč - převeďte slovesné tvary, zájmena a určení času z přímé do nepřímé řeči.

Příklad:I admire you.
She said § .
She said she admired me.


It is too late.
I said it too late.

I have replied.
He claimed that .

I met you yesterday.
Sam told me on Sunday that he had met me .

I cannot come.
Mary explained that .

I could fall down.
He was afraid down.

I will pay tomorrow.
He said the next day.

The Himalayas are the highest.
He knew that the Himalayas the highest.

I may lend you some money.
Bill promised that some money.

I have been watching a film.
He replied that a film.

Claire must rest.
The doctor said Claire .

I have not done it today.
Last Monday Terry explained that he had not done it .

If I was younger, I would accept it.
He thought that if younger, he would accept it.

I was with him last week.
Jill admitted that with him the previous week.

You needn't change your shoes in our house.
She reminded me that I needn't change house.

I am calling my mum.
She said her mum.

I will finish this tomorrow.
Diana supposed that she would finish .

I would buy it.
She said it.

Greg used to be my friend.
He told us Greg his friend.


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