Gerundium se zájmenem - cvičení 3 (Excuse my/me being late)

Doplňte do vět přivlastňovací zájmena (my, his...) a gerundium tak, aby měly stejný význam.

Příklad:Why did you work so late?
He disliked ___ so late. (my)
He disliked my working so late.


You must wash the car,' she told me.
She insisted on the car. (my)

He shouldn't be so rude,' he said.
He didn't approve of so rude. (his)

She is eighteen. She can wear makeup,' he thought.
He didn't mind makeup. (her)

Why don't you ring up Carol?' she said.
She suggested Carol. (my)

I saw them come from work late at night,' she told the police officer.
She remembered from work late at night. (their)

I'm glad you are here,' he said.
He appreciated there. (our)

I don't know why they get up so early at weekends,' he wondered.
He didn't understand so early at weekends. (their)

We can't make private calls on this phone,' he told me.
He objected to private calls on that phone. (our)

Don't laugh at me,' she said.
She was angry with at her. (my)

They arrive late to class,' he argued.
He resented late to class. (their)


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