Gerundium (-ing)

Gerundium - cvičení 2

Doplňte do vět slovesa v závorce. Užijte gerundium ve spojení se správnou předložkou.

Příklad:My dad is used ___ up early. (get)
My dad is used to getting up early.
Are you interested ___ your professional career? (build)
Are you interested in building your professional career?


My brother is good . (dive)

I'm not very keen computer games. (play)

I have no objection the football match tonight. (watch)

She is afraid her boyfriend. (lose)

We are fed up nothing all the weekend. (do)

I'm tired in the queues at the airports. (wait)

We had difficulty the way to the museum. (find)

There's no point an old car. (buy)

I disapprove in restaurants. (smoke)

My daughter dreams a film star. (become)

John can't cope unemployed. (be)

Sarah is thinking to Greg's place. (move)

The children were accused the window. (smash)


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