Infinitiv s 'to' a bez 'to' - cvičení 1

Doplňte infinitiv s 'to' nebo bez 'to'.

Příklad:I watched the dolphins ___ near our boat. (swim)
I watched the dolphins swim near our boat.
They asked me ___ them the way. (show)
They asked me to show them the way.


We felt the plane in the storm. (shake)

Where did you learn French with no accent? (speak)

You'd better him right now. (contact)

I didn't dare my boss about it. (ask)

We'd love our holiday with you. (spend)

Sarah, I heard you in the shower. (sing)

She seems this place very well. (know)

I was made their last offer. (accept)

Our teacher made us our homework. (do)

Let Jim the heavy suitcase for you. (take)

We saw Marion on the express train. (get)

I'd rather to my parents later. (talk)


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