Gerundium a infinitiv

Gerundium a infinitiv - cvičení 2

Vyberte správný tvar. Infinitiv nebo gerundium?


I thought you were about for school.

Please, forgive me you. It was so rude.

I need a stamp on this postcard, please.

My father recommended a new BMW.

Have you ever heard her a joke?

I promise I'll learn on computer as son as I can.

Don't admit the money from the safe.

She is so fat! But she can't help sweets.

I'd rather them later. I'm tired now.

As far as I know he agreed it tomorrow.

They persuaded me them.

What time are you planning ?

Students hate on exams.

It's my fault. I'm really sorry you.

He wanted to see it. He stopped around.


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