Věty časové předbudoucí

Vedlejší věty časové - cvičení 2 (předbudoucí)

Doplňte předbudoucí čas ve vedlejších větách časových.

Příklad:I'll be sick after I ___ all this food. (eat)
I'll be sick after I have eaten all this food.


When Phil his injections, he'll feel awful. (have)

As soon as I here for two years, I'll ask for a pay-rise. (be)

You should drive carefully till your car 2,000 kilometres. (do)

When we our lunch, we'll walk our dog. (finish)

We'll go shopping after we the cathedral. (see)

Paul won't go home until he all the vegetables. (sell)

When this bottle of wine opened for two or three days, it isn't fit to drink. (be)

The porter will show you your room when you the hotel register. (sign)

When all students the classroom, the teacher will lock the room. (leave)

You can't play golf on this course until you your membership. (renew)


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