Časové věty

Angličtina: časové věty - cvičení 1

Doplňte budoucí věty časové slovesy v závorkách.

Příklad:I ___ the dinner as soon as Jack ___ back home. (make | come)
I will make the dinner as soon as Jack will come back home.
We ___ on our way to work while you ___ in your bed. (be, sleep)
We will be on our way to work while you are sleeping in your bed.


I promise we here till she . (stay | return)

I you a text message when I . (send | arrive)

I'm going to tell her about it before she . (leave)

No need to hurry. I'll be ready as soon as you . (be)

Before he down, he should wash his hands. (sit)

What are you going to do while I in the garden? (work)

My father you there whenever you . (drive | need)

The moment summer here, the garden so beautiful! (come | be)

As soon as I in Mumbai, I you know. (be | let)

Sarah for you until you back. (wait | be)

Don't worry! I watch you while you in the lake. (watch | swim)

The moment we the information, we to you. (receive | write)


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