Přítomný čas prostý

Cvičení na přítomný čas - sloveso být

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Přítomný čas prostý - formy a užití, procvičování přítomného času.

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Angličtina: přítomný čas prostý - cvičení 1

Doplňte dialogy. Užijte přítomný čas prostý slovesa být.

Příklad:A: Are you hungry?
B: Yes, I ___ hungry a little bit.
A: Is your sister at school?
B: No, she ___ at school.


A: Where are we now?
B: You just in front of our house.

A: Is your sister at school?
B: No, she at school.

A: Where are your parents?
B: My mum and dad at work.

A: Is Peter your friend? And what about Bill?
B: Peter and Bill my best friends.

A: Are you thirsty?
B: No, I .

A: I think these stories are very interesting.
B: Really? The stories interesting at all.

A: How often are you ill?
B: Quite often. I very healthy.

A: Are Susan and Marion good at sport?
B: Well, Susan quite good at athletics, but Marion isn't.

A: Am I the best student in our class?
B: No, you . I'm the best.

A: Where are you, Simon?
B: I'm afraid Simon here. He is at the shop.

A: your brother at home?
B: No, he isn't.

A: Where Mark and Jim?
B: Mark is over there and Joe is in the hall.

A: Why I so lazy?
B: You are like your father.


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