Going to vs přítomný čas

Going to vs přítomný čas prostý a průběhový - cvičení 1

Vyberte správnou slovesnou formu - going to nebo přítomný čas.


Do you know Sharon's address? I to her tonight.

Don't forget! We in Liverpool next Friday.

Can you lend me the book? - Sorry, I can't. I it soon.

School announcement: Easter holidays on 12th April.

You are flying to Greece tonight. What time ?

Why are you buying so many cakes? - I a party.

Please, can you say hello to Peter? - Yes, of course. I after lunch.

You are driving too fast! You !

Ecxuse me. What time on Sunday?

Yes, I've bought two pizzas. And I them.

Please, meet me at the station. The coach at 7.25.

I'm so excited! I on holiday to Egypt next week.


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