Going to - otázky

Going to - cvičení 2 (otázky)

Utvořte otázky. Užijte 'going to' a slova v závorkách.

Příklad:Why do you need your driving licence?
___ ? (you | drive)
Are you going to drive?


What are your New Years' resolutions? more? (you | work)

Doctor, is it serious? ? (he | die)

Why are you taking your gloves? cold? (it | be)

You stopped the project. in the future? (you | continue)

Your parents are over sixty years old. ? (they | retire)

Eve is a bit overweight. any diet? (she | start)

Look at the snow on the roof. down? (it | fall)

You've decided to be number one in our country. How that? (you | reach)

The dog looks quite dangerous. me? (it | bite)

Why do you want to take a day off? What ? (you | do)

Sue and Greg are buying a house. married? (they | get)

Sam has failed his driving test. it again? (he | take)


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