Předpřítomný čas průběhový

Předpřítomný čas průběhový - cvičení 3 (dialogy)

Doplňte krátké dialogy. Užijte předpřítomný čas průběhový.


A George, how long Japanese? (you | learn)
B Japanese? Wait a minute. For about five years.

A What a lovely smell!
B My mum cakes since she got up. (bake)

A Why are your hands so dirty?
B I my car. (clean)

A You look so tired. You should have a rest.
B Should I? But I so hard. (not work)

A Why out lately? (Sarah | not go)
B She broke her leg while she was skiing.

A Peter, why are you so noisy? I want to sleep!
B Do you mean it? I noise since you went to bed. (not make)

A for a long time? (you | cough)
B Not really. It started the day before yesterday.

A Mr. Gregson, how long English? (you | not teach)
B To tell the truth I've never taught English. But I'd like to try it.

A Hi, Sam. How is your new girlfriend doing?
B Susan? She to me since we had an argument. (not speak)

A Have you heard about the bank robbery in King Street?
B Yes, I have. The police for the robbers for three days now. (look)


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