Předpřítomný čas průběhový

Předpřítomný čas průběhový - cvičení 1 (doplňte)

Doplňte slova v závorkách. Užijte předpřítomný čas průběhový.


Why are you so tired?
Because I the wheels on my car. (replace)

Your French is perfect.
Really? I French for ten years. (learn)

Look at Jane. She's so nervous.
No wonder. She for her boyfriend for ages. (wait)

Bill is sunburnt.
Yes, he really is. He since the morning. (sunbathe)

Your parents look relaxed.
They all the weekend. (relax)

All the footballers are so wet.
They in the rain since the match started. (play)

Have you talked to Richard yet?
Not yet. But I to phone him since you told me. (try)

Is Grace your neighbour?
Yes, she is. She next door for six years now. (live)

Why are Patt and Matt so dirty?
They their bedroom. (paint)

Shall I wake Doris up?
Yes, please. She all day long. (sleep)


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