Předpřítomný čas prostý

Předpřítomný čas prostý - cvičení 4 (doplňte)

Doplňte signální slova typická pro předpřítomný čas.

Příklad:Have you heard it ___ ? Sarah is going to have a baby.
Have you heard it yet? Sarah is going to have a baby.


I've stayed at this hotel Sunday and I've enjoyed every moment.

My father used to be a strong man but he hasn't been very healthy .

Have you told the manager ? He should know about it.

Have you eaten sushi or any other raw meat?

She's had something to eat. Don't worry, mum.

I haven't seen Ben ages. I'm sure he's changed a lot.

Fortunatelly, the airline hasn't cancelled the flight .

long have you studied English? Your English is really good.

I have tried to ride a horse, but I'd like to.

Mister Johnson has been our guest I started to work here.

I've visited a lot of places, but I've never been Africa.

It's terrible. We've been China for a decade.


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