Minulý a předpřítomný čas

Minulý a předpřítomný čas - cvičení 2 (procvičování rozdílu)

Procvičte rozdíl mezi minulým a předpřítomným časem.

Příklad:I did not go there yesterday.
I have not gone there since I was a child.


I did not do it when you told me.
I it so far.

We bought the tickets on the Internet.
We the tickets. Here you are.

My girlfriend did not arrive by the 10.50 train.
My girlfriend yet.

The team were not successful two years ago.
The team successful for two years now.

You threw the cap into water. I saw you.
You the cap into water. There it is.

He did not deliver the parcel on time.
He the parcel up to now.

When I cut my finger, I went to hospital.
Ouch, it hurts! I my finger.

We lived in India from 2018 to 2019.
We in India since 2019.

Did you receive my email in the morning?
my email or not?

Where were you yesterday night?
Where so long?

Did Jill pass the exam on Friday?
the exam?

What did your mum do with her car after the accident?
What with her car? Has she sold it?


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