Předminulý prostý a průběhový

Předminulý čas prostý a průběhový - cvičení 2 (doplňte věty)

Doplňte odpovědi. Užijte minulý čas a předminulý čas prostý nebo průběhový.

Příklad:Why did he call you?
He ___ me because he ___ . (arrive)
He called me because he had arrived.


When did they return?
They after they for two weeks. (travel)

Why didn't he eat anything?
He anything because he lunch. (have)

What did he tell her?
He her that he her before. (see)

When did they land?
They when the storm . (end)

Why was he so dirty?
He so dirty because he the hole in the rain. (dig)

What did you forget?
I that I to buy some bread. (want)

When did you marry Rob?
I Rob after we out together for three years. (go)

Why did you wake him up?
I him up because he for too long. (sleep)


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