Předminulý prostý a průběhový

Čas předminulý prostý vs průběhový - cvičení 1 (vyberte)

Vyberte předminulý čas prostý nebo průběhový.


I had to have a break. I so long.

Before we parked our car we the ticket.

When I went to bed I for 24 hours.

The roads were blocked in the morning. It all night.

They got to the beach only after they GPS.

She called the police when she the light in the hall.

His English was perfect. When I met him he it for ten years.

I was really hungry. I anything since the morning.

She didn't go to work because she a cold.

When we moved to Park Street, the Johnsons there for ages.

We the contract before the meeting ended.

Ben was so sweaty because he .


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