Předbudoucí čas průběhový

Předbudoucí čas průběhový - cvičení 1 (doplňte slova)

Doplňte slova v závorkách. Užijte předbudoucí čas průběhový.


How long does it take you to build a roof?
Tomorrow we on it for six days. And it will have been finished by the end of the day. (work)

What time shall we have a break?
At about 5 o'clock. We for nearly four hours. (travel)

Will Sam be ready for the test on Monday?
I suppose so. He for a couple of weeks before he sits the exam. (revise)

When did you move to this house?
Next year we in this house for two decades. (live)

How long have you been away from home?
This time next week we in the Pacific for a month. (sail)

How long is Jane going to learn Spanish?
She Spanish till she moves to Spain. (study)

Why are you so angry?
Haven't you heard it? They the road by the end of this year. (repair)

Are you nervous?
Yes, I am. I for Tim for five hours when his plane finally arrives. (wait)

Is Bill a good teacher?
Definitely. He for five years by the time he's thirty. (teach)

Is Grace your roommate?
Yes, she is. We this apartment for six months in April. (share)


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