Minulý čas průběhový

Minulý čas průběhový: otázky - cvičení 2

Utvořte doplňující otázky. Užijte minulý čas průběhový.


I had an accident on my way to work.
What ? (you | do)

When I met Joseph, he was on the phone.
What about? (he | talk)

Bob can't remember where he was yesterday at 8 o'clock.
at the tennis court? (he | not practise)

I saw your wife in a car last night.
the car? (she | drive)

I was trying to get in touch with you when the Internet stopped working.
What time the Internet? (you | use)

Guess what I was doing between 5 and 6 o'clock.
your new bike? (you | ride)

I wasn't at the airport when they arrived.
And why at the airport? (you | not wait)

You weren't very happy at the beginning of the English lesson.
And why happy? I didn't want to write the test! (I | not look)

As I was coming home last night, I could hear some noise from our neighbour's house.
an argument? (they | have)

The company was going on with the reconstruction when I was there.
And what on? (they | work)


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