Minulý čas prostý - zápor

Minulý čas prostý: zápor - cvičení 3

Minulý čas prostý. Utvořte zápor.


Blue Monday
I a good day yesterday. (not have)

I stay in bed late, because it was Monday and I had to go to school. (cannot)

Unfortunately, I up on time. (not get)

And I the bus. (not catch)

I wanted to take a taxi, but I lucky. (not be)

There any taxis in our street. (not be)

I to ask my dad to take me by car. (not want)

I thought it a very good idea. (not be)

I went to school on foot and as I used to long walks, I was pretty tired. (not be)

I to our English teacher. (not listen)

And when we wrote a revision test I it. (not pass)

Believe me, my parents very happy about it. (not be)


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