Minulý čas prostý - otázka

Minulý čas prostý: cvičení 2 - otázky

Minulý čas prostý. Utvořte otázky.

Příklad:We heard a car outside the house.
When ___ the car?
When did you hear the car?


She lost her purse yesterday.
Where her purse?

I rode slowly on the way to work.
slowly on the way to work?

He dried the dishes after dinner.
the dishes after dinner?

He made a lot of noise at midnight.
any noise at midnight?

They came early in the afternoon.
What time ?

Ben married Sarah in Los Angeles.
When Sarah?

They sat down at the table near the window.
down at the table near the window?

He ran away from school.
Why away from school?

The rabbit hopped around the garden.
around the garden?

The sun set at 7.45.
at 7.45?

It got dark soon after the sunset.
What time dark?

I talked to Tim the other day.
What about?

They worked long hours last week.
Why long hours?


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