Budoucí čas průběhový

Budoucí čas průběhový - cvičení 3 (otázky)

Budoucí čas průběhový. Utvořte otázky.


I can take you to the airport.
It would be nice. that way? (you | go)

Shall I say hello to Samantha?
Why not? to her? (you | write)

Marion and Jimmy can stay up late tonight.
Really? for me? (they | wait)

Dad won't be there at ten o'clock.
It's a shame. the new contract? (he | sign)

I'll be in the forest.
In the forest? What ? (you | do)

There won't be enough oil in a couple of decades.
Do you think so? What instead? (we | use)

This time next week I'll be in Madrid.
Lucky you! at a hotel? (you | stay)

Don't ring Sue up at 6 o'clock.
Thanks for telling me. her baby? (she | bathe)

In ten years' time robots will be everywhere.
for human beings or against them? (they | work)


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