Budoucí čas průběhový

Budoucí čas průběhový - cvičení 1 (doplňte věty)

Je neděle 10 hodin dopoledne a Scottova rodina si užívá volna. Napište, co budou dělat touto dobou v pondělí. Užijte budoucí průběhový čas.

Příklad:Peter is playing games on his new laptop now.
This time on Monday he ___ an English test. (write)
This time on Monday he will be writing an English test.


Mr. Scott is cleaning his car in the garage.
This time on Monday he to the airport. (drive)

Mrs. Scott is reading a fashion magazine.
This time on Monday she meals at the restaurant. (cook)

Marion, their daughter, is playing with a ball in the garden. And her grandma is watching her.
This time on Monday Marion a geography lesson. (have)

And her grandma a doctor. (see)

Ben, the oldest son, is still sleeping. And his grandpa is trying to wake him up.
This time on Monday Ben football in his club. (practise)

And his grandpa for grandma at the doctor's. (wait)

Samuel, the youngest son, is chasing their dog Spot around the house.
This time on Monday Samuel in a physical education lesson. (exercise)

But we have no idea what Spot, their dog, tomorrow. (do)


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