Budoucí čas v angličtině

Budoucí čas (will, won't) - cvičení 2

Doplňte věty slovesy v závorce podle významu. Užijte budoucí čas will, will not (won't).


(be, help, not travel, meet, not play, fly, not relax, not cook, end, cry, not buy, change)
Lionel Messi for Real Madrid next season.

Next year I fifteen years old.

If you aren't a good boy, your mum you a big ice cream.

We don't want to go by car. We instead.

I can't watch this film or I again.

OK. At 5 o'clock we you outside the shopping centre.

Wait a minute, please. The concert soon.

I a hamburger for you. It's junk food.

Sam wants to work in the garden. He .

You can't take all this luggage on your own. I you.

We to Spain this year. We'll stay at home.

I think I my job sooner or later.


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